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  • RACHEL — (Heb. רָחֵל), matriarch of Israel, wife of jacob and the mother of joseph and Benjamin. Her name means ewe, while that of her sister leah means cow. She was the younger daughter of laban , brother of Rebekkah. Rachel first appears as a… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • Rachel Scott — Rachel Joy Scott Born Rachel Joy Scott August 5, 1981(1981 08 05) Died April 20, 1999(1999 04 20) (aged 17) Columbine High School Columbine, Colorado, United States Resting place …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel — (Hebrew Name|רחל|Raḥel|Rāḫēl, Rāḥēl ; meaning ewe [Campbell, Mike [http://www.behindthename.com/name/rachel Behind the Name] ] ) is the second and favorite wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin, first mentioned in the Book of Genesis of …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel Bluwstein — Rachel (eigentlich Rachel Bluwstein, * 20. September 1890 in Saratow, Russland, gest. 16. April 1931 in Tel Aviv, Israel) war eine hebräische Dichterin und Zionistin. Rachel wuchs in Poltawa auf. Mit 15 Jahren begann sie Gedichte auf russisch zu… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Rachel (Dichterin) — Rachel (1931) Rachel (eigentlich Rachel Bluwstein, * 20. Septemberjul./ 2. Oktober 1890greg. in Saratow, Russland; † 16. April 1931 in Tel Aviv, Israel) war eine hebräische Dichterin und Zionistin. Rachel wuch …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Rachel B. Noel — Rachel Bassette Noel (born January 15, 1918 in Hampton, Virginia, USA, died February 4, 2008 in Oakland, California) was an African American educator, politician and civil rights leader. She is best known for the Noel Resolution , which… …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel Carson Bridge — as seen from the roof of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center Official name Rachel Carson Bridge Other name(s) …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel (Animorphs) — Rachel is a fictional character from the sci fi book series Animorphs. Her full name is never explicitly mentioned in the books, but her relation to her cousin Jake Berenson through their fathers makes it most likely to be Rachel Berenson, if it… …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel Plummer — Rachel Parker Plummer (1818 1839) was the daughter of James W. Parker and the cousin of Quanah Parker, last free roaming chief of the Comanches. An Anglo Texan woman of Scots Irish descent, she was kidnapped at the age of seventeen, along with… …   Wikipedia

  • Rachel Nickell murder case — Rachel Nickell, born 23 November 1968, was the victim of a sexual assault and murder on Wimbledon Common on 15 July 1992. She was stabbed 49 times. The case became the subject of the notorious prosecution of Colin Stagg, who was acquitted. On 28… …   Wikipedia

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